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Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls Extreme Distance, Premium Performance, Game-Changing Look. The VIVID XT is a brand new premium golf ball from Volvik and one of the most unique balls on the market. In fact, it’s the only four-piece golf ball available to the public that doesn’t have a urethane cover, as the XT’s cover is made of Zirconium. Also unique is that the VIVID XT features a matte finish that was specifically designed for the World Long Drive circuit. That combination produces a ball that’s extremely durable and aerodynamic, but it still offers exceptional greenside spin and control. But where the XT excels is from a distance standpoint, as it produces extremely low spin rates off the driver. It’s also a ball that’s recommended for higher swing speed players, ideally those who are above 100 MPH with a driver, according to Volvik.

Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls features:

Compression: 100
Matte finish reduces air resistance
Dual Power Core creates faster ball speeds for more distance
Developed for players with swing speeds of 100 MPH and higher
Four-piece construction delivers optimal performance from tee to green
Low spin rates off a driver produce enhanced distance
Designed for mid-to-high trajectory on full shots and maximum spin around the green
The Volvik Vivid golf balls provide bright colors to increase visibility in the air, on the ground, and in the rough. The Volvik Vivid ball construction allows for a consistent and stable flight with a comfortable & soft feel. Perfect for lower swing speeds.

Distance: Mid
Trajectory: Mid-High
Spin: Mid-High
Run: Short
Feel: Mid-Soft

Larger Core for Increased Distance
Unique Matte Coating
High Visibility
High Spin for High Greenside Control
Volvik XT Golf Balls are perfect for amateur golfers with swing speeds between 70-90 mph..


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