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  • Nike Mojo Golf Balls feature aero-efficient dimples that pack a wallop of lift and turbulence
  • Minimal compression, maximum action
  • Flies off the driver, sticks to the wedge
  • Includes 24 golf balls per package

Nike Mojo high-visibility golf balls come in assorted colors to make them easy to identify in the fairway or on the green, and easier to find in the tall grass or woods. A powerful core provides maximum length off the tee, and an exceptionally soft cover ensures greater control on approach shots and on the green. Mojo Golf Balls blend the serious performance Nike is known for plus the fun and bright colours.

  • Distance: Long
  • Spin: Low
  • Feel: Soft


  • Blue, orange, yellow, and green balls for easy identification
  • Powerful core and soft cover
  • Extremely long distance with greater control

Nike Mojo Golf Balls are perfect for all levels of golfers with swing speeds between 90-105 mph.

BRAND Titleist Golf Balls SPECTYPE NULL COLOR White DIMPLES 332 GRADE Grade A, Grade B, Mint

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